Our mountain has not made a reservation. We have received it since you came.

Gokitou is done every day from January to February every day. We are doing every day except Friday from March to December.

We will pray for your Gokitou for a year after you arrive. The address changed during that one year, there is something anxious, there are things that you think, etc. If you can bring the re-pray Gokitou card that you handed to you at the first time, once a day, pray once a day You can accept it. (There is no charge. Please rest assured.)

I’m fine on behalf of. At that time, please bring something that shows your birth date and your residence address.

All right, please tell us that by mail seal or phone. I will send you a set of Ofuda.

There is no particular rule in this mountain, but it is safe to accompany us with certain common sense, such as consideration for other people and not affecting cultural assets. (In addition, we can not enter in each hall.)

We will take care of you, but will not burn your soul, but will refuse non-burning things (pottery etc.). Please inquire if it is difficult to judge.

In our mountain, we announce the schedule as forecasting time of a certain standard, but in order to be a natural thing by all means, we correspond by carrying out a public change etc. in the latest. If the time is approaching, we will respond with an Instagram, etc., but please confirm by phone.

When there are no mountain events, we cooperate depending on the content. Please inquire by phone etc. (As a precedent, there are people who are practicing yoga classes, gagaku concerts, tea ceremony etc.)