Mt. Matsuo summer training school



The heart of gratitude, training, and service through the life of Yamadera (the experience of a small monk, that is, the practice of the Kobozu) in a quiet environment with many nature surrounded by the mountain forest and mountains of Matsuo-dera, Japan’s oldest evil spirit relic area The aim is to foster a bright, knowledgeable modern version of “Ikkyusan” to the society, and to foster a strong, caring and kind Japanese boy who is well-trained, physically and physically healthy.


The 133th … July 30th (Thursday) to August 1st (Sat) (3 ​​days 2 nights)

The 134st … August 5 (Wed)-August 7 (Sat)  (3 ​​days 2 nights)

The 135nd … August 19 (Wed)-August 21 (Fri)(3 ​​days 2 nights)

  ※ Anyone can be a guardian

※ Please fill in the application form if you wish ( ) on the month of ( ). Example (7) month (25) day …


Elementary school 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade (boys)

※ But second grader is possible when there are simultaneous participants such as brother participation, acquaintance.

Entry fee

7,000 yen

※ Participation fee includes “group injury insurance enrollment fee”.

※ Please deliver only to the final day. Please write your name on the potty bag prepared by our mountain and put it in the box.

※ We do not have about participation fee of lower mountainous person (all returners including poor health, home sickness) on the way. (free)


-Washroom goods (thing necessary for washroom / toothpaste etc.)

・ Handkerchief, chili paper (a nose bleeds well)

・ White underwear (pants color / shape is optional)

・ night wear (There is no particular rule)

-Footwear (color and shape are free, sandals and crocs are also acceptable)

・ 2-3 sheets of towel (we leave bath towel bringing in to the judgment of participant)

※ Water bottle (pet bottles are free during the first day of reception and change of clothes, etc. Please refrain from taking care of children after training starts, so please bring your water bottle and plastic bottle with you) Water supply after training starts is our mountain We will prepare for you. We take time for refueling between training days.

※ The belongings about the name (behind the underwear / I have a lot of lost things).

※ Do not bring in snacks.

※ Bringing in a mobile phone is strictly prohibited. The use of hiding may cause trouble.

Training schedule

The first day The second day The third day 
6:00wake up・Wash face・clean up6:00wake up・Wash face・clean up
9:30Legal story9:30Meiso
(ajikan)・make sentence
Syakyo hounou
Sakubun hounou
14:00ceremony14:30End ceremony
Certificate of completion
The last day(Jyukai・Tokudo)
15:00Tidying up
descent from the mountain
20:00Legal story・disaster drill20:00Watch Animations
(Nihon-mukashi-banashi etc)
21:00Zazen(crucial moment)
21:30Going to bed
22:00turning lights off

(Note) The training schedule is also subject to change.


[For parents]


During the period, only the applicant will make Tokudo at the last day of the patrol.


This time the achievement of this mountain is Ikkyu-san and I do not forget the significance of my training at Matsunosan (Matsuosan) and Matsuodera for the rest of my life, and to become a strong,caring and kind Japanese boy. Make a promise and cut your hair (only a few) as a sign of your strong determination


Please accept the great sadness and patronage of Kannon by this determination.


You will receive (send) a certificate of profit later. Applicants will be listed on the monk roster as main school monks.


The donation fee (* 1) is Shino. Please put it in the delivery bag prepared by our mountain and deliver it with the participation fee on the third day (the final day). * 1 There are many cases of 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen each year. Participants of the bells of the night will have the bells of a quick turn in the form of “Ikkyu-san” at the 11:00 pm on December 31 (New Year’s Eve) to celebrate the New Year and pray for all the abduction. In addition, participation fee is free.

Tokudo:cut your hair (only a few)

※ Please repeat

If you are away during this period, you will not be able to respond to your child’s mental and physical problems, so please be sure to have a system where you can contact (pick up).

Above, thank you for your cooperation.

About Ikkyu's application

Guidance of homepage

“application form” Please download the PDF file of the “Application Form” from below. (There is no size rule)


【Download】※in japanese
View PDF mousikomi2019.pdf
PDF download


Please fill out the notes so that there are no omissions. Please send to us by mail.


639-1057 683 Yamadacho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture Daihonzan Matsuoji “Summer Psychological Training Class Ikkyu” Secretariat

If you do not have a download / printout environment for the application form, please request an “Application Form” and “Guidelines” on the postcard.(→ Click here for details) If you are applying for a postcard, you will be required to fill out the application form that will be sent by mail from Toyama and sent it back to Toyama. If possible, download the application form. thank you for your use.

* Direct application or reservation by phone or next temple is not possible, so please be sure to mail us. (Please contact us at any time for inquiries and questions.)


For those who sent us, whether or not to enroll (in order of arrival by mail) Notifications will be made according to the applicant’s wishes from either the smartphone application LINE, E-mail, or document.

If there is no notice from Toyama even after 10 days have passed since the admission application was sent to Toyama, please contact the Toyama Secretariat.

In addition, if there is an omission in the address, telephone number, signature seal, height, or weight of the application form, For that reason, we will not accept the admission application form (failed), so please understand and understand. Thank you.

We do not accept applications or reservations by phone or next temple, so please be sure to mail us.
(Please contact us at any time for inquiries and questions.) We will notify the applicants of admission (in order of arrival on a mail basis) according to the applicant’s wishes from either the smartphone app LINE / E-mail / documents.
If there is no notice from Toyama even after 10 days have passed since the admission application was sent to Toyama, please contact the Toyama Secretariat.
In addition, if there are any omissions in the address, phone number, signature seal, height, weight, etc. of the admission application form, we will not accept the admission application for that reason. Please understand.

Thank you.

* The application form you have sent cannot be returned. please note that.

Contact Us
TEL 0743-53-5023
Weekdays 8:30 to 16:30
Sundays and holidays from 8:30 to 17:00

Notes on application

For postcards

Those who apply for “postcards” will continue to send the necessary information and application form by mail.

Flow until enrollment decision

1. Send postcard to us
2. Sending an application form for admission and information on the guideline
3. After confirming the information on the sent event guide,

If you wish to participate, fill out the application form and send it
4. Guidance of admission on a first-come, first-served basis
5. Admission decision


Notes on application

Postcard application is not a decision to participate.
We will send you the application form and the guidance guide for the postcard sent from us.
If you wish to participate after carefully reading the contents, please re-open the enclosed application form to Toyama. Thank you in the procedure to send.
* Admissions are decided on a first-come, first-served basis.