Secret Buddha Opening

Thousand Handed Kannon Statue Torso

(The Secret Buddha / 8th Century Nara Period)

[Public] September 1-November 10

[Place] Houzou-den

[Seeing fee]300 yen


Secret buddha

“Enno gyojya”

Special opening


Published: September 1-7

Location: Gyojyado

Admission fee: 300 yen


The largest Enno gyojya in Japan and the pre- and post-mons will be released only during the Shugendo Festival period.


Secret buddha

The evil vantage

Special opening

Published: November 3

Place: Hondo

Admission fee: 300 yen

The amulet of the Honson is a Senjyu sengen kanzenon bosatsu(a secluded Buddha), equipped with the power of vast mercy that can not be planned, and in particular, it was a relic. It will be transmitted.