Red seal

matsuodera honzon gosyuin
matsunoosan jinjya gosyuin
matsuodera shitifukujindo gosyuin

This is a pilgrimage to Sanrokuji Shrine related to the role of Kosaku who is the founder of Shudodo.


Established on the occasion of the 1300 dismissal of the 2001 executive. Unlike the usual pilgrimage, there is no fixed bill number.

yamato hachijyuhachikasyo reijyo

Eighty-eight temples related to Kobo Daishi in Nara Prefecture. It is considered as a pilgrimage site in the middle of the Edo period.

matsuodera souken sensanbyakunenmatsuri kinen gosyuin「ho-ou」

Tozan and Horyu-ji Temple have old woodblock prints that have been handed over to the 1300th year of creation.


For those who wish, we will put the words of thought in the red stamp.


Examples come fortune, dreams come true, etc.