Training guidance


Mental and physical health, modern version with wisdom "Ikkyusan"

Wearing a monk and living in a quiet environment surrounded by the forest of Matsunosan Matsuo-dera, we will live a life of Yamadera. The purpose of this school is to send out a bright, mental, healthy and knowledgeable modern version of “Ikkyusan” to the society through the experience of the little boy and the practice of the small boy, and the training of a strong, caring, friendly Japanese boy.



[Target] boy of the third grader-sixth grader. However, only second graders are also welcome to participate in siblings.

[Participation fee] 7,000 yen


Completed before the treasure of the Honzon yakuyoke kannon 9:00 to 15:00 (when needed)

We have a Syakyo of Hannya shingyo and kannon.

We have you have a long life heartwarming, a chanting of Kannon.

I will pray for the fulfillment of the wishes before the treasures of the Honon Bizarre-like, and I will keep it for a long time.


One day training

On request, we accept applications for various trainings.

The photo shows the one-day training in past.


[Participation] Men and women in first grader to sixth grader in elementary school

[Conducted contents] Wearing a monk, Syakyo, work (cleaning of the grounds, etc.), and a day trip.