Origin of temple

Matsuosan (Tenpyo Kokiroku)

- Toneri Shinno kaiki, Japan's oldest evil spirit retreat -


Matsuo-dera was erected with the wish of the completion of “Nihon-shoki” and the withdrawal of Nihon-shoki, since it was a 42-year-old dawn year, since the Emperor of the Tenmu and his son-in-law was the 42nd year of henry. It is Japan’s oldest evil spirit remnant. 


Toneri shinno went to visit Mt. Matsuo, and in the Umanohi of 2nd year of Yoro in prayer, purple clouds (zuiun) and Senjyu-sengen-kanzenon-bosatsu appeared on the east of the mountain. It is a historical temple that has been given the imperial reign of Gomizunoo-tenno, as a Zen temple that prays for the nation’s peace and prosperity by Matsuyama Engi.

-Toneri shinno kaiki, Japan's oldest evil spirit retreat-

The amulet of the Honson is a Senjyu- sengen-kanzenon Bosatsu(a secluded Buddha), equipped with the power of vast mercy that can not be planned, and in particular, it was a relic. It will be transmitted.

Jyu ichi men kanzenon bosatsu ritsuzo
Toneri shinno

Matsunoo san mairi

Every year on the first day of the year (January) February to March, and on the day of the Hatsuuma, etc. Good men and good women who visit are very busy in the precincts and in the approach.

Sekizo jyusanjyu no to and sanjyu no to
akai no mizu
shichifukujin dou
shinreiseki no taigan