Annual events


Night festival / Hatsumode (December 31, January 1-January 31)

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December 31
(Every year)
Yaku Yoke Night Festival

* The priest's dyeing brush
The first 1,000 people will be awarded free of charge.
* Bird offering (traditional training meal)
The first 1,000 people will be awarded free of charge.
* Zenzai
The first 1,000 people will be awarded free of charge.
≪All awarded 23: 00 ~ ≫
・Jyoyano kanetsuki syugyo

First, Ikkyu (elementary school student)
Put on a monk and put on a bell of exorcism.
Next, the first 108 people put on the bell of exorcism.
After that, all the participants put on the bells of exorcism.
Exorcism prayer is held at Exorcism Root Honjo.
Matsuo's “Tsurugane”
Known as the exorcism bell.

[Temporary bus (pick-up bus)] Matsuo-ji-Matsuo-jiguchi bus stop
(First train) 21: 30 ~ (Last train) 3:45
January 1
(Every year)
3:00~4:00 break
7:00~8:00 break

Hatsumoude・Yakuyoke kaiun kigansai
Matsunoosan Shichifukujinkai
・Yakuyoke kigan gensyu
・Matsunoosan shichifukujin kaibi
・Daikokuten nenjibutsu koukai

First visit to the exorcism temple, Mount Matsuo
Get rid of troubles (the oldest exorcism site in Japan)
A festival that welcomes the fortune (Matsunoosan Shichifukujin).

[Temporary bus (pick-up bus)]
January 1-3 Matsuo-ji-Matsuo-jiguchi bus stop
(First train) 8am-(last train) 17:00
January 3
(Every year)
・kagura hounou

Performed at Matsunooyama Shrine. (10:00-once)
January 15
(Every year)
9:00〜TondoIt takes place at the Gomadan in the center of the precinct, in front of the Oishi of the Sacred Stone.
January 18
(Every year)

Yakuyoke Festival (February 1 to March 31)

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February 90:00〜17:00 Hatsuuma
Yakuyoke Kannon Appearance Memorial Festival
(Matsuodera syuseikai)
・Yakuyoke kitou gensyu
・Saitouoogoma housyu(11:00・14:00)
・Kagura hounou

[Temporary bus (pick-up bus)]
Matsuodera-Matsuoderaguchi bus stop
(First train) 8:00-(Last train) 17:00
February 3-48:00〜17:00 Setsubun / Rissyun yakuyoke festival
Matsuodera Shichifukujin Festival
・Yakuyoke kitou gensyu
・Matsunoosan shichifukujin kaibi
・Daikokutennenjibutsu release
February 219:00〜16:00 Ninouma yakuyoke Festival ・Yakuyoke kitou gensyu
・kagura hounou

Performed at Matsunooyama Shrine. (10:00-once)
March 105:00〜17:00 Matsuodera hatsuuma yakuyoke festival
(Matsuo dera syunie)
・Yakuyoke kitou gensyu
・Saitou oogoma housyu(11:00・14:00)
・Kagura hounou
March 169:00〜16:00Ninouma yakuyoke festivalYakuyoke kitou gensyu

Pray for good luck (April 1-December 31)

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April 1 ~
November 30
9:00〜16:00Nihon shoki hensan Matsuodera souken Nihon yuiitsu no Toneri shinnou zou Release
April 18
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00Matsunoosan mizugo kannon tanjyousaiRevolving the spirit of the unrequited and unreserved Mizugo,
Pray for the health and longevity of parents and children.
* Monks turn around at Amida-do
April 29
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00Matsunoo san flower festival
(Yakuyoke kesa itadaki)
・ Strict training for exorcism prayer

The birth of one of the eight phases of Buddha
Bless Buddha ’s birth with Amacha,
A festival dedicated to that virtue.

13:00~14:00Tatsuya's 676 Birthday FestivalMatsuodera
Celebrate the birth of the Toneri shinno (676).
Sprinkling at a traditional place
* When it rains, it will be held in the main hall.
May 15 to June 5
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00Flower garden (rose) open to the public

*There is a change depending on the flowering situation
The flower gardens at Matsuodera are from all over the world.
Roses of red, white, yellow, black, pink, etc. are cultivated,
You can also enjoy seasonal flowers.
Mid-May to early-June (every year)9:00〜16:00 Matsunoosan Satsuki A group of Satsuki blossoms blooms beautifully in a circle around the precincts.
Especially the ancient ruins of Mt.
33 Nishio Stone Buddha Kannon (mini sacred place),
Enjoy in the Mie Tower, Jujuishi Tower, and the surrounding area
June 30 (Natsugoe no harai)
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00 Casablanca Corridor

* If any damage is caused by the wild boar, cancel it.
More than 5000 Casablanca bloom in the precincts.
Let's write"Yakujyo"for lucky summer.
July 30 to August 1
August 5 to 7
August 19-21
Both times
3 days 2 nights
IkkyusanWearing a monk's robe, Mt. Matsuo
In a quiet environment surrounded by the forest of Matsuo Temple
Through life in Yamadera (experience of a priest, that is, training of a small shaved)
Cheerful and healthy both mentally and physically
Sending a modern version of “Ikkyu-san” to society,
Strong and caring
The purpose is to raise gentle Japanese boys.
September 1
- November 10
9:00〜16:00 Autumn temple treasure exhibition ・Senjyu kannon zou loved by Masako Shirasu is like a venus
・Mokuzou jyuichimen kannon ritsuzou(important cultural property)
・Yakugyoujya odsuno zou (created by Enku)
・Houbazu(created by Kaihou Yusyo)
・Soukenjino kawara(Nara Period)etc
September 1-7
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00Matsunoosan Shugendo Festival
Official release of the official image
・Yakuyoke kitou gensyu
・Saitougomahousyu (6 10:00)

First,you went to Matsunoosan.
Next,in front of the ancient ruins
At the Gomadan in the center of the precinct
Studied Saitoudaigoma.(2)

The largest official image of Japan is released.(1~7)

Yamabushi questions and answers・Manner(Axes, Bows, and Swords).
October 1
(August 15 of the lunar calendar)
18:00~21:00 Matsuo-ji Moon Viewing
(Appreciating the famous moon from Mt. Matsuo)
Enjoy a live performance at Matsunoosan mind and body training dojo,
In the precinct, from Matsunoosan Enjoy the moon and night view.

・ Entertainment of light brown at the famous water in Matsuo-ji Temple・ We will give a free gift to 108 priests,Jyushoku somefude「yakujyou」.
October 1
(Every year)
10:00 Matsunoosan Fall Festival ・ Practicing prayer
・ Kagura hounou

Performed at Matsuosan Shrine. (10:00-once)
November 1-10
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00Yakuyoke kannon hounou syodoutenHave you dedicate one book to the treasure of Kannon
I pray for the participation (dedication) participants safely every day.
November 3
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00 Special opening of the secret buddha “Evil Kannon” ・ Yakuyoke Kitou zensyu
Secret Buddha
We ask the general public to pray for the exorcism Thousand Thousand Eyes Kanzeon.
November 15
(Every year)
9:00〜16:00 seven,five and three year's old Mairi (in November) ・ Yakuyoke Kitou zensyu
Go to the temple of Yakuyoke, Matsunoo san
Pray for children's growth, health and fulfillment of their heart.
Awards a drum drum for the use of a fool and a talisman.
November 15-259:00〜16:00Autumn leaf hunting to a traditional place(undecided)About 300 meters of autumn leaves
Have fun with the Toneri shinnou
From the place of worship as well as the Toneri shinnou
Have a prayer for the yakuyoke Kannon.

* All prayers will be held every day of the year (except Friday).
However, there will be prayers during January and February, public holidays, and Fridays of the event.


* Saigoku sanjyu sansyo matsuosan sekibutsu kannon (mini cemetery) goes around the rare ancient ruins “shinreisekino ooiwa”.
(Please apply for Noukyo / osamefuda at reception)